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Victoria Roofing Inspections

Shoreline Roofing and Exteriors provides a complete roofing inspection service in Victoria and the greater Victoria area. It’s definitely a service to consider for one’s personal, business or insurance needs.

Shorelines roofing experts are trained to identify potential future problems along the lines of shingle damage, damage from moss, shingles that are buckling, missing shingles, and cracked and worn rubber boots.

Why is it important to get one’s roof inspected regularly or annually?

Well, a homeowner could save themselves a lot of money if a problem is caught early on. Consider this for a moment, there was a brutal west coast storm, and the heavy winds knocked loose a few of the asphalt shingles on the roof. The shingles were carried by the wind off into the brush on the side of the house, and it’s the part of the roof that is not looked at on a regular basis. Before the homeowner knows it, there’s a small drip that starts, and they come home one day to a small puddle on the floor in their home.

Now consider this, what if this leak happened somewhere where it was not noticeable like between walls or an unchecked attic; the damage could cost a fortune!

And that’s why it’s not just prudent, but crucial to get a roof checked. The damage caused by an unsuspected leaking roof could not just be costly, but dangerous.

Apart of the inspection that Shoreline carries is a thorough look at the underside of the roof and roof-boards looking for signs of water damage that have crept unexpectedly or unnoticed. They document every problem that they identify, the current condition the roof, and the estimated lifespan of a person’s roof based on everything the expert finds.

Public enemy number one, to Shoreline’s experts, is water leakage damage through the roof. It is the most damaging element of mother nature. Water quickly seeps into the wood which causes it to rot and, over time, it erodes away at the asphalt shingles on a roof.

What happens after an inspection is completed?

The customer receives a detailed written report of what the Shoreline expert found through their inspection of the roof as well photographs. Shoreline understands that seeing is believing, so we photograph our findings for the customer.

Then, the ball has been placed in the customer’s court, and they can make an educated decision upon Shoreline’s report. No one wants to make an uninformed decision and, frankly, it’s just not fair to put someone in that sort of position.

At the end of the inspection, the expert will provide the customer with repair or replacement options along with an estimate of the costs that will be associated with those services.

A roof inspection is a not just a great idea for the new homeowner but should be part of the checklist when buying a home. Don’t buy a home without knowing what lies above or between the walls; serious damage could be right out the reach of one’s eyes.

Give Shoreline Roofing and Exteriors a call for Victoria roofing inspections.

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