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The Rain is Here! Is Your Roof Prepared?

The rain is here! The rain is here! Yes, as Vancouver Islanders take shelter in their warm and cozy homes from the torrential downpour this fall, questions quickly consume their minds; did I take the necessary precautions to prepare my roof for the wet and harsh fall ahead? Did I even have a roof inspection done this year? When was the last time I looked at the roof myself?

Then it happens, while they were busy letting the questions race through their minds, they did not notice the water that was forming on the ceiling and bloop, a small drop of water falls from above, connects with their forehead and trickles down the side of their face. The homeowner looks up and sees the water coming in from the attic and forming on the ceiling above the living room. Perhaps, this leak would only be availed upon the first substantial rainfall of the year, but it could have been preventable.

Luckily, for the homeowner, there is still time for them. Yes, Fall is not the best time to have roofing work done, but winter is a complete no-go. In the winter time, if one has roof damage, and they are feeling the effects of it.

The effects of leaks or extreme cold due to the frigid winter air making its way in through the attic (the attic is not holding any heat), the only option for them is to wait until the spring and do patch job repairs to get them by. An attic should vent air, meaning it should not store heat to the point of being a sauna, but it should be retaining some heat.

Fall is the last chance of the year scenario when it comes to roofing. The weather is not one-hundred percent ideal, but roofers can take precautions like building covered structures over one’s roof to keep it dry from the rain while they work, or tarping an area of a roof until a day with less precipitation is in the forecast.

It never hurts to have a roof inspection before fall ends and winter begins. Tree branches and other sorts of debris could have fallen on one’s roof, tearing out a shingle or damaging it which then starts a ripple of effect. When shingle integrity is compromised, water gets in and then quickly goes to work ruining a houses roofing structure. The inspector could spot other problems or potential future problems that may prove hazardous. It is a last chance call.

Shoreline Roofing and Exteriors offers a 24-hour roof emergency service, but depending on what time of year it is, they may have to do what they can for the season and wait it out. Which means, the homeowner is also forced to wait it out.

No matter what time of year it is, keep Shoreline Roofing and Exterior’s number on the fridge or in one’s phone for when disaster strikes. You are not alone; they are here to help!

Here write the number down or save it in one’s phone: 250-413-7967.

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