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The Rain is Here! Is Your Roof Prepared?

The rain is here! The rain is here! Yes, as Vancouver Islanders take shelter in their warm and cozy homes from the torrential downpour this fall, questions quickly consume their minds; did I take the necessary precautions to prepare my roof for the wet and harsh fall ahead? Did I even have a roof inspection […]

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Time to Re-Roof or New Roof: What to look for ?

Are the 30-year roofing shingles nearing the end of their lifespan? What does a roofer look for when deciding whether or not it’s time for new shingles? Well, in addition to roof leaks, there are a few signs that shingles need to be replaced. Although blown-off shingles don’t look appealing, they don’t indicate impending failure. […]

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Thinking about a new metal roof in Victoria? Considerations to think about.

Metal Roofing Prices Explained There are so many variables that go into metal roofing installation that it is not possible to quote prices online or over the phone. Variables include the current roof condition, shape, and pitch (slope) which all affect price. Also where the property is located and how well is the roof accessibility […]

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What is a Cedar Shake Conversion?

Your roof in Victoria may need a quick repair or you may need a new roof or maybe you our building and need a new roof installation. Many homes that were built in the 1970’s or 1980’s had cedar shake roofs, that are now at the end of their life and need replacing. Replacing a […]

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