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When should you replace your roof flashing?

Maintaining a structurally sound roof is a major component in keeping your home safe and sound. Replacing an entire roof can be expensive and complex. Therefore, staying on top of smaller roof repairs, including replacing roof flashing, can prevent the need to restore an entire roof down the road. Roof flashing is typically thin pieces […]

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What is a Cedar Shake Conversion?

Your roof in Victoria may need a quick repair or you may need a new roof or maybe you our building and need a new roof installation. Many homes that were built in the 1970’s or 1980’s had cedar shake roofs, that are now at the end of their life and need replacing. Replacing a […]

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Importance of having a good roof in Victoria

The importance of a good roof might seem obvious at first glance. A good roof is needed to protect a home and the inhabitants inside from the perils of weather extremes. So it’s critical that a good roof protects the contents from the ravages of rain, snow, sun and other inclement weather. Knowing what to […]

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