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Say no mas to moss!

Replacing the roof of a home can be pricey, but proper maintenance, especially where moss is victoria moss remova serviceconcerned, can save you a lot of greenbacks down the road.
“It definitely pays off,” confirms Ed Combs of Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors in Victoria.
Married with two kids and a Lab cross named Buddy, Combs, 47, started his roofing career in Victoria in 1992, and has been running Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors since founding it in 2006.
“Moss is not good for your roof for a bunch of different reasons,” he says, explaining “it holds water which erodes your roof quicker. It can get between the shingles and lift them, and then driving rain gets in between which breaks the seal — something we see all the time.  It doesn’t look good, but more importantly it causes leaks like crazy and shortens the life of the roof.”
Moss, he says, is not only the enemy of asphalt shingle roofs, but cedar shakes and flat roofs as well, “big time.”
And while metal roofs may not get moss, they can get a green algae film, making the roof look old.
Moss, which grows year round and thrives in cool, dark, damp places with no sun, comes from the spores of nearby trees and thrives on our wet coast climate.
Shoreline Roofing gets calls for de-mossing all year round.
Victoria moss removal
“Generally people call me when they already have a big moss problem, but once you have the roof de-mossed it’s good to get on a yearly maintenance schedule.”
Ed and his crew use a trowel to remove moss from roofs (a less abrasive way then wire brushes) so as not to take off the granules of the shingles.
Pressure washing he says “is a no-no. It can cause problems.
“And then when we’re done de-mossing we treat it with an anti-moss treatment which kills any live spores that are still attached to the shingle — spores that you can’t see but that are still there — so it doesn’t grow back as fast.”
Shoreline Roofing offers a three year warranty against moss regrowth.
Depending on the surroundings, people moving into a new home can expect to need to have their roof de-mossed within three to five years.
“A lot of people that come to me have a leaking roof, and I get there and it’s leaking because of the moss. As a roofing company, once we finish the de-moss we always inspect the customer’s roof and are able to repair any other issues.”
Have concerns about the moss on your roof?
Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors offers free estimates.
“We’ll come to your house, assess your roof, and give you a written quote.”

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