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Repairs & Maintenance

It is important to have a periodic inspection of your roof. Just like on your car, regular maintenance  can catch minor issues before they become serious and sometimes expensive problems.  Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors provides roofing inspections in Victoria and is a great way to ensure a long and trouble free roof lifespan.

Sometimes roofing shingles may become damaged by wind, rain, branches, leaves and other debris can accumulate around vents causing water blockage. Birds or rodents can build nests, causing unseen damage to a roof. Gutters should be cleaned at least 2 or more times per year to ensure proper drainage.

Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors has experience and the equipment to perform roof repairs and roofing maintenance on any roof in Victoria and the surrounding communities. We can also perform repairs such as replacing or installing vents, skylights, soffits or even replacing deteriorated chimney flashing.