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Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors has provided Victoria and surrounding communities with residential and commercial roofing services for over twenty years.
Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors, provides roofing repairs in Victoria, flat roof installation, torch-on roofing installation and metal roofing installation.
We also now provide exterior building maintenance services such as pressure washing in Victoria, roof de-mossing, gutter installation in Victoria, chimney repair in Victoria, fascia board, exterior building cleaning and weather proofing.

Company owner and operator Ed Combs first started roofing in Victoria in 1992 and has been active in roofing ever since.  Ed’s passion in the roofing industry and the dream of expanding his opportunities, Shoreline Roofing & Exteriors was born.
Ed and his staff provides many types of roofing systems: fiberglass shingles, torch-on roofing,  metal roofing, cedar shake and conversions.

Ed says “the torch-on roofing is necessary for flat roofs such as school buildings, commercial Victoria Roofing contractorbuildings, mall roofs, industrial buildings, and flat roof residential buildings.
The traditional shingle material is being made with fiberglass. Metal roofing installation is becoming more popular, not just for commercial buildings but for residences as well.
Metal roof installation has more upfront costs especially compared to traditional shingles, however the upside is that metal roofs are less maintenance. Metal roofs installation are common on custom houses or on buildings where there is a lot of moss growth.
“A lot of building owners are choosing metal roofs because it has a modern look to it,” says Ed. “It can cost twice as much, however you won’t be doing it again.”
Another main advantage of metal roofs in Victoria is that moss does not grow on them as fast as it’s not porous.
As a roofing contractor in Victoria, Shoreline Roofing provides de-mossing services, which is important in the damp west coast climate.
“Where we live, I do a lot of de-mossing,” says Ed.
After de-mossing the roof, it is sprayed with an environmentally friendly solution to kill the live moss spores. Shoreline Roofing provides a two year warranty against moss re-growth on this treatment.
Besides de-mossing, the company also provides services for gutters, fascia board, soffits and pressure washing.
Pressure washing is done on sidewalks, decks but never on a roof.
roofing contractor victoria“You don’t ever want to pressure wash a roof, as it will wreck your roof,” says Ed.
“You could probably do a metal roof, but definitely not a shingle roof.”
The company can also do exterior chimney work restoration, repointing by adding new concrete or restoring chimneys that have become crumbly.
Over time, weathering and decay causes cracks and voids in the joints between bricks. Repointing touches up the mortar to ensure brick walls and chimneys remains stable and secure for years to come.
Today, Shoreline Roofing takes pride in being one of the leading roofing contractors in Victoria with most of the customers coming from referrals. If you are looking for quality roofing, Shoreline Roofing is a name you can count on. Contact Shoreline Roofing in Victoria for a FREE estimate.